About Us

Yoga.Health is an online, on-demand digital-health platform that provides yoga as complementary to physiotherapy for consumers to help them fulfill wholistic approach to prevention.

"...Trainers seem to be more qualified."

Who We Are

We are yogi's with many skills beyond the mat.

We study science, practice art, rear families and promote holistic living. Yet when we come together, yoga and the desire for wholeness connect us to our core selves.

As a dedicated team of yogi's and therapists, we have the skill and experience to help you move safely to your next goal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you integrate movement therapy into a wholistic approach of prevention or recovery.

We show you how enjoyable it can be to achieve that objective through yoga, meditation and the core tenants of physiotherapy.

Our Core Values
  • Dignity; To honor our bodies, age and abilities.

  • Integrity: Live our true selves and to seek wholeness.

  • Respect; Accept others unlike us.

  • Competence; Master our skills

  • Stewardship: Be dedicated and expand positive influence.

Our Team

Yoga.Health employs hundreds of talented people in the fields of sports medicine, research, behavioral sciences, advanced yoga, therapeutics, IT, production,  communication, and more. 

Our locations and work is as diverse as our talents.

We are proud of our knack for hiring people with integrity and expertise. 


Mobility Training For Strength and Movement

Why We Are Different?

Yoga.Health is an online, on-demand platform that provides complementary therapy for consumers that helps them fulfill wholistic approach to prevention through yoga and physiotherapy

Our doctor of physical therapy and qualified yoga instructors help guide your practice using techniques to support good form and mobility.

Built on health sciences, we offer On-Demand yoga, meditations, and advanced coursework.


Our Story


I'm David, I would like to share the unique story of how I founded Yoga.Health.

Several years ago our original team emerged to build a post TKA (total knee arthroplasty) digital wearable to collect patient range of motion data for mobility research. Preparing for NIH and Veteran Affair’s first round of clinical trials, my role as CMO and product director was product-market adoption, and patient adoption during their months of post-surgical recovery.

The research findings on post-surgical patient experience were discouraging; the average American’s health condition and motivation who needed knee replacement was so poor; therapy and recovery patient protocol abandonment was high, and comorbidities caused product variable complexities. Ultimately making the project very difficult to find a likely success path for the patient, a critical cohort of the study. The project closed in large losses of time and resources.

Yet, I found a shining light in the corners of the research. Study after study indicated that movement/ exercise, yoga in particular for self-motivated patients as the best over-all complementary form of exercise for post-surgical rehabilitation. In addition, and not surprisingly, almost every independent peer reviewed study from universities documented that yoga could significantly improve post-TKA patient mood during bouts of pain, improved sleep, range of motion and balance. All bringing the patient to a speedier recovery and longer span of post-TKA quality of life.

So personally, I know how I feel when I unroll that sacred mat, but finding the claims in research made me appreciate how a therapeutic yoga practice really means over one’s lifespan.


Yoga.Health later launched in 2020 and while building the brand, challenges persisted. From the beginning, my team and I worked through the 2018 Velvet Revolution, the pandemic, two wars, several deaths, and floods. But as one of my favorite Broadway performers; Elaine Stritch has famously sung; “Good times and bum times, I’ve seen it all and my dear, I’m still hear…” (Follies, 1971, Stephen Soundheim).

Well, we are still here and stronger as each month goes by. Selectively our partnerships, product offerings and team grow with the research to bring useful solutions for potentially millions of people.


I love my work in Yoga.Health and the happiness it brings to my life.

Furthermore, my heart is filled with gratitude to everyone I’ve worked with and the champions still who are a part of our team. Yoga.Health has found its purpose, and that’s you.

Lastly to our customers, thank you so very much for allowing us to serve you in your journey healthier living and better life, your appreciation is our reward. If we can help you more, please reach out.


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Physical Therapy Based Practice

Noel serves as a Health and Medical Advisor for Yoga.Health and AstorVrij Health LLC. He holds a doctorate of physical therapy from the medical programs of the University of Illinois, Chicago; one of America's premiere orthopaedic and physical therapy research centers.

His clinical experience entails working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, spinal cord, traumatic brain injury and geriatric care in urban health.

Noel has training in kinesiology, biomechanics, surgery rehabilitation, and athletic performance. His vision as an orthopaedic clinician is to empower humans to improve & maintain optimal quality of life. Noel speaks English and Spanish and offers a valuable contribution to the mission of Yoga.Health


Dr. Noel Velezquez DrPT


Health and Medical advisor


 An important part of preventive care, rehabilitation, and treatment for people with chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries


Yogis make lifestyle choices that bring them towards a place of sattva, a state of balance and inner-peace


Easily learn to practice meditation whenever you need it most


Regardless of your exercise level, practicing regularly, you can feel completely better


Lumbar: freedom from pain





What Customers Say

"I like the research quality in the articles, especially some of the free white papers."