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Why Yoga.Health?

Now that you are practicing yoga at home, you are 3X's more likely to hurt yourself. But a studio class may not be a safe option.

Our qualified yoga therapists and DrPT advisors are here to help you practice at home using techniques to support good form and mobility.

Built on health sciences, we offer On-Demand yoga and guided meditation videos classes with our customized approach to concierge tele-therapy; Platinum Therapy service to give you complete control of your schedule and the tools to help you practice safely.  

Noel serves as a Health and Medical Advisor for Yoga.Health and AstorVrij Health LLC. He holds a doctorate of physical therapy from the medical programs of the University of Illinois, Chicago; one of America's premiere orthopaedic and physical therapy research centers. His clinical experience entails working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury and geriatric care in urban health.

Noel has training in kinesiology, biomechanics, surgery rehabilitation, and athletic performance.

He vision as an orthopaedic clinician is to empower humans to improve & maintain optimal quality of life. Noel speaks English and Spanish and offers a valuable contribution to the mission of Yoga.Health

Dr. Noel Velazquez PT, DPT

Dr. Noel Velezquez DrPT


Health and Medical advisor

Practice With A Doctor

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Teach With Us.

We're Better Together.

As a Teacher, Instructor, or health professional, YOGA.HEALTH™ offers you the opportunities to grow your audience, resources and brand and help you reach new horizons. 

If you are a passionate teacher who can inspire and ignite the imagination, instill confidence in your students, and you've got the chops,

we invite you to join us.


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Our Core Values

On-demand classes, training and personal instructions in yoga and meditation under the practice of therapy.  Yoga.Health helps prevent, train or recover an optimal journey to health.

Physical and occupational thereaputics help us recover, train and restore our body to better balance, sleep and strength. Also it bolsters our emotional health. Start your practice with us today.


Yogis make lifestyle choices that bring them towards a place of sattva, a state of balance and inner-peace


 An important part of preventive care, rehabilitation, and treatment for people with chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries


Easily learn to practice meditation whenever you need it most


Regardless of your exercise level, practicing regularly, you can feel completely better


We Are In This Together

We have a number of Yoga course for beginners, it is the best way to learn yoga online.

Our online community is designed for you. All of our classes, coaching and articles are based on quality research to help you move your goals forward...

We even have our own team of medical researchers, yoga and physical therapists to support your journey.

We promise you will love how you feel