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articles for Beginners

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yoga for a fresh start

Explore articles and find something to inspire your beginning journey.

yoga helps the healing process

An easy, restorative yoga practice can bring surprising discovery and clarity.

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Yoga.Health™ Monthly provides UNLIMITED ACCESS to online yoga, meditation classes and therapy. This is a great place to begin your yoga practice, build muscle strength, train for a competition or a guided Nidra before a good nights sleep.

practicing yoga

A regular practice of yoga is so powerful, researchers are only beginning to uncover its benefits.



Practice in the safety of your own home with our on-demand platform that provides complementary therapy. For consumers who seek a holistic approach to prevention through yoga and physiotherapy, Yoga.Health™ is your answer. Our doctor of physical therapy and qualified yoga instructors help guide your practice using techniques to support good form and mobility. Built on health sciences, we offer on-demand yoga, meditations, and advanced coursework.

meditation for beginners

If you are new to meditation, you may have questions about exactly how to meditate, how meditating might benefit you or "Is there a style that works best for you to enjoy and maintain a meditation practice?".

Our articles that focus on meditation can guide you in your practice. We even have a few things to say about the science behind anxiety, depression, PTSD or how meditation can help a diagnosis.

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articles for senior life

Yoga and therapy can improve our lifestyle MORE while in our best years.
Our articles inspire actives lifestyle after 50.

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