Dr. Diana Rangaves

Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, CEO is a prolific writer and well respected expert in her field. She holds a doctorate degree from the University of California, San Fransisco and is an academic professor; teaching critical thinking, ethics, pharmacology, behavioral engineering, pharmacy and nursing. She is the Founder of DianaRangaves.com and Clinical Consultant Services and consults to an impressive list of clients in Health Care, the CBD sectors, Fortune 1,000 and Fortune 500 companies. In her discretionary time, Diana is the ProBono Clinical Director for ARISE Africa Foundation providing adult sexual education to reduce the spread of STD/HIV in Nigeria. We are honored to have Dr. Diana Rangaves provide her knowledge and experience with us in completing the Quality-of-Life spectrum; A core philosophy of Yoga.Health.

Dr. Diana Rangaves can be reached at clinicalconsultantservices@gmail.com 

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    PharmaD, Clinical Pharmacy



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