Dr. Noel J. Velazquez, DPT

Noel serves as a Health/Medical Lead Advisor as well as an author for Yoga.Health and AstorVrij Health. He holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, one of America’s premiere orthopeadic and physical therapy research centers. His clinical experience entails working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury non-profit care, and outpatient orthopaedic and geriatric care in urban hospital health. Noel has training in kinesiology, biomechanics, surgery rehabilitation, and athletic performance. He vision as an orthopaedic clinician is to empower humans to improve & maintain optimal quality of life. Noel speaks English and Spanish and offers a valuable contribution to the mission of Yoga.Health.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Author




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