Whether you are driven by a challenge or frustrated with recovery, YOGA.HEALTH™️ will guide you to success.


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Yoga.Health Monthly provides UNLIMITED ACCESS to online yoga, meditation classes and therapy. This is a great place to begin your yoga practice, build muscle strength, train for a competition or a guided Nidra before a good nights sleep.

Hundreds of Inspiring videos

For every level; vinyasa, flow, hatha, guided challenges, recovery, poses, therapy, meditations ... We are constantly adding classes and coursework focused on better health

Coursework designed by Physical Therapist

For prevention or recovery, our coursework is structured for growing your knowledge base or thereaputic recovery

Guided Meditations

What ever your mood, our videos meet your needs. See our selections of meditations for Anxiety, mild PTSD, Depression and more.

Classes with Therapist & PT

For prevention or recovery, our private training is structured for therapy, strength training or recovery

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