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Yoga.Health™ Monthly provides UNLIMITED ACCESS to online yoga, meditation classes and therapy. This is a great place to begin your yoga practice, build muscle strength, train for a competition or a guided Nidra before a good nights sleep.

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Dr. Christine Traxler MD

With a background in family medicine, Dr. Traxler has dedicated years to serving in diverse medical environments, such as emergency care, hospitals, and obstetrics. She's a tireless advocate of the therapeutic benefits of yoga and encourages her patients to use it as a primary modality for achieving optimal health.


As a specialist in trauma-sensitive yoga, Dr. Traxler is attuned to the distinct requirements of individuals who have endured trauma and recognizes that in certain cases, a private, one-on-one approach is essential for cultivating a secure and restorative atmosphere. She champions the capacity of yoga to not only bolster physical health but also facilitate healing from emotional and psychological distress. Her empathetic and tailored approach to healthcare makes her an indispensable member of the Yoga.Health™ team.

Dr. Christine Traxler MD
University of Minnesota Medical School

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Family Practice


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